Nominated for a Grammy Award in 2020, Cuarteto Q-Arte is acclaimed as one of the most outstanding string quartets in Latin America. Founded in 2010, it has focused on researching, performing and disseminating quartet music produced in the continent. Its repertoire includes more than a hundred works written by Latin American composers, which it has performed in various concert halls and festivals in the Americas and Europe.

It has developed collaborative projects with notable performers such as Rodolfo Mederos, Günter Haumer and the Cuarteto Latinoamericano, and with composers such as Gabriela Ortiz, Mario Lavista and Gustavo Leone, among others. Likewise, within the framework of the work he has done to disseminate the music of Colombia, his close relationship with the famous composer Blas Emilio Atehortúa, of whose works for string quartet he made critical editions and recordings, stands out.

The members of Cuarteto Q-Arte, Colombian musicians trained in some of the main conservatories in Europe and the United States, are also professors at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, the Universidad de los Andes and the Universidad Sergio Arboleda. Their activity as teachers and researchers feeds their artistic work and allows their work to maintain a constant dialogue with the academic community of the arts and music. Within this framework, the Q-Arte Quartet has collaborated with institutions such as the University of Chicago, Columbia College Chicago, the University of Kent and the Instrumenta Oaxaca Festival, conducting master classes, seminars and reading sessions of works with composers from different countries.

In 2014 the Q-Arte Quartet created the international festival FestiQ-Artetos, a biennial event based in Bogota in which professionals, students and general public from around the world gather for an agenda of concerts, workshops and lectures around music for string quartet. The festival also includes the National String Quartet Composition Competition, a platform that allows the work of Colombian composers to be disseminated and generates exchange between creators and performers.

The Q-Arte Quartet was nominated in 2017 for the Innovation Award at Classical:NEXT by virtue of its work with a transdisciplinary approach and its interest in experimentation from musical practice. Future projects include its regular appearance in the main concert halls of Colombia, its collaboration with notable composers and the development of programs in dialogue with other artistic and cultural manifestations.



He has given concerts in the main auditoriums of her native country, being soloist with the Orquesta Clásica de Colombia, the Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional de Colombia and the Orquesta Filarmónica…

She has performed as a soloist with the Symphony Orchestras of Colombia, Bogotá Philharmonic, Medellin Philharmonic, Ecuador Symphony, National University Symphony, Cundinamarca Orchestra, Hungarian Radio and Georgia Chamber Orchestra. He…

She has received viola master classes with renowned violists Joseph de Pasquale (1919-2015) (Curtis Institute of Music), Veronica Hagen (Hagen Quartet, Universität Mozarteum Salzburg), Diemut Poppen (Queen Sofia School of…


National Composers 

Blas Emilio Atehortúa 

Francisco Zumaqué 

Rodolfo Acosta

Harold Vásquez 

Johann Hasler

Gustavo Parra

Germán Darío Pérez 

Fernando Leon 

Jorge Pinzón

Damián Ponce de León 

Luis Carlos Figueroa 

Guillermo Gaviria 

Juan Antonio Cuéllar 

David Guarín 

Guillermo Carbó 

Carolina Noguera 

Andrés Posada 

Lucas Saboya 

Antonio Arnedo 

Jona Camacho 

José I. Camacho

Nicolas Ospina

Pedro Sarmiento

Pedro Ramirez

Carlos G. Guzman

Marius Diaz

Ludsen Martinus Cecilia Acevedo 

Kike Mendoza 


International Composers 


Mario Lavista (Mexico)

Gustavo Leone (Argentina)

Gabriela Ortiz (Mexico)

Javier Álvarez (Mexico)

Albert Guinovart (Spain)

Moisés Bertran (Spain)

Frank Wiley (United States)

Augusta Read Thomas (United States) 

Amir Bitrán (Mexico) 

Daniel Ruggiero (Argentina)






Concert 10 years Cuarteto Q-Arte, 2020 program Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo (2020)

Echo, Encuentro de Músicas Colombianas de la Sergio (Virtual Concert) (2020)

̈Noche de Octetos ̈ Cuarteto Latinoamericano and Cuarteto Q-Arte, Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo (2020)

Ibagué Festival (2019)

IV International Classical Music Festival of Bogota (2019)

Chamber Music Tours, Cultural Activity of the Luis Ángel Arango Library (2018, 2019) 

Julio Mario Santo Domingo Theater Program (2018) 

Bogota Philharmonic Orchestra Program (2018)

III International String Quartet Festival FestiQ-Artetos (2018)

Bogota District Festival (2017)

Cartagena International Music Festival (2017, 2016, 2014 and 2013).

2017 Program, Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo (2017)

MUAIO, Contemporary Music in the Atlantic, Barranquilla (2017)

Bogota International Book Fair (2017)

Recorridos por la Música de Cámara, cultural activity of the Luis Ángel Arango Library (2016).

International Festival of Sacred Music Bogota (2016 and 2017)

50th Anniversary Concert of the Concert Hall of the Luis Ángel Arango Library, Bogota (2016)

Colón Theater Program (2016)

X International Guitar Encounter Compensar Bogota (2016)

Colombian Circle of Contemporary Music, Bogota (2016)

Portraits of a composer: Gabriela Ortiz (Mexico), Cultural activity of the Luis Ángel Arango Library (2016).

Cultural program of the León de Greiff Auditorium (2016)

53rd Music Festival of Popayán (2016)

Radical Chamber, Museum of Modern Art, Medellín (2016)

Contemporary Music in the Atlantic, Barranquilla (2016)

Bucaramanga Bowed Instruments Festival, Bucaramanga (2016)

IX National Classical Music Festival, Corinto, Valle (2016)

XI Meeting of EAFIT Music between the Popular and the Academic (2015)

Monographic Concert Johann Hasler (Colombia), Cultural Activity of the Luis Ángel Arango Library (2015)

Portraits of a Composer Javier Álvarez (Mexico), Cultural activity of the Luis Ángel Arango Library (2015).

“Matices” Anniversary Concert 5 years of the Q-Arte Quartet, (2015%.

Navidad Humana 2015, Cultural Activity of the Secretary of Culture, Recreation and Sports, Bogota (2015)

Concert “Jewels of Tatar and Russian Music”, Program 2015 Leon de Greiff Auditorium, Bogota (2015)

Francisco Zumaque Monographic Concert (Colombia), Cultural Activity of the Luis Ángel Arango Library (2014)

XX National Colombian Music Festival in Ibagué (2014)

IIIM Week German Filmmakers and Colombian Musicians of the ICCA Sprach Institut (2014)

Portraits of a Composer Gustavo Leone (Argentina), Cultural Activity of the Luis Ángel Arango Library (2014)

IV International Clarinet Festival Bogota (2013)

I International Harp Encounter, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogota (2013)

Bucaramanga Harp Instruments Festival (2013)

Quartet Festival of the Banco de la República, Bogotá (2012)

Contemporary Music Conference CCMC, Bogota (2012) 



Concentus Moravie Festival (2019) (Austria and Czech Republic)

IV International Classical Music Festival of Bogota: Bogota is Brahms, Schubert, Schumann (2019) 

Concert dedicated to the 500th anniversary of Havana by the Embassy of Colombia in Cuba (2019) 

Classical: NEXT INNOVATION AWARD (2018) (The Netherlands)

Guanajuato Cultural Forum (2017) (Mexico)

SEMUC Contemporary Music Seminar (2017) (Mexico)

Concerts dedicated to the National Independence (2017) (Brazil)

Third International Festival of Classical Music of Bogota: Romantic Russia (2017)

Chicago Latino Music Festival (2016-2013) (United States)

Jacobs School of Music, Indiana University (2016) (United States)

The Art Institut of Chicago (2016) (United States)

Music Center Concert Hall, Chicago (2016) (United States)

“Latin Landscapes” North /South Consonance New York (2016) (United States)

Missouri State University (2016) (United States)

Instituto Cervantes in Munich and Berlin (2016) (Germany)

Festival International de Musique Classique Saillagouse (2016) (France)

Accademia Internazionale de Musica e Arte Roma (2016) (Italy)

Convent de Les Arts, Tarragona (2016) (Spain)

Reial Cercle Artistic de Barcelona (2016) (Spain)

150th Anniversary Concert of the National Conservatory of Music (2016) (Mexico)

XIV International Festival of Sacred Music (2015) (Ecuador)

Instrumenta Oaxaca Festival (2014) (Mexico)

I Catalonia-America Week (2013) Barcelona (Spain)

Chicago Latino Music Festival (2013) (United States) (United States)


National Interpreters 


Valeriano Lanchas (Singer) 

Antonio Arnedo (Saxophone), 

Alejandro Roca (Piano)

Beatriz Martínez (Singer)

Javier Asdrubal Vinasco (Clarinet) 

Andrés Villamil (Guitar) 

Martha Bonilla (Harp)

Edwin Guevara (Guitar)

Karen Bravo (Percussion)

Ángela Contreras (Double Bass)

Edwin Rodríguez (Clarinet)

Jona Camacho (Piano)

José I. Camacho (Saxophone)

Juan Fernando Avendaño (Trumpet) 

Daniel Saboya (Guitar)

Lucas Saboya (Tiple)

Julián Linares (Viola)

Roberto Milanés (Double Bass) 

Guillermo Bocanegra (Guitar) 

Nicolás Ospina (Piano) 

Antonio Correa (Piano) 

Enrique Mendoza (Guitar) 

Alejandro Forero (Guitar) 

Víctor Hugo López (Percussion) 

Andrés Gómez (Piano)

Diana Melo (Percussion)

Felipe García (Flute) 

Mauricio Arias (Piano)

Kike Mendoza (Guitar) 

Santiago Medina (Violin)

Roberto Milanés (Double Bass)


International Interpreters


Günter Haumer (Singer) (Austria) 

Richard Galliano (Accordion) (France) 

Rodolfo Mederos (Bandoneón) (Argentina) 

Simón Gollo (Violin) (Venezuela)

Daniel Ruggiero (Bandoneón) (Argentina) 

Gerassim Voronkov (Piano) (Russia) 

Mac MaClure (Piano) (United States) 

Alejandro Escuer (Flute) (Mexico) 

Sergei Sichkov (Piano) (Russia) 

Alexander Sanko (Double Bass) (Russia) 

Cecilia Palma (Cello) (Venezuela)

 Aníbal Dos Santos (Viola) (Venezuela)

 Amacord Italian Quintet (Italy) 

Avalon String Quartet (United States) 

Latin American Quartet (Mexico) 

Glinka Quartet, (Spain)




Atehortúa, Blas Emilio 

Quintet for clarinet and string quartet Op. 247 

 Concerto for String Quartet and Symphony Orchestra Op. 247 


Camacho, Jona 

“Bambukiada” for piano, voice and string quartet

 Images (Colombian medley)


Camacho, José 

Manuela (Joropo)

“Sacando brillo” for piano, saxophone and string quartet

 Pa mis viejos (Bambuco) 


Leone, Gustavo 

String Quartet No. 3

“Scenes” for string quartet


Ruggiero, Daniel 

Ofrenda for string quartet and bandoneón


Sarmiento, Pedro 

Suite Informal for string quartet 


Zumaquè, Francisco 

“Karibanias” for Latin percussion and string quartet 




Arnedo, Antonio

“Trazos” for saxophone and string quartet


Atehortua, Blas Emilio

Finitude Op. 254 for double string quartet


Bitrán, Amir 

El Guardacaminos, Music of nocturnal birds for two string quartets 


Leone, Gustavo

 “Reflections: in a double string quartet 


Ricardo Lorenz

… The giant particle where you live for string octet


Ruggiero, Daniel

Fugue in Syncopation for two string quartets

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